add presents #addanicetrip, the new storefront display project for the flagship store on Corso Venezia 12, in Milan. The project, featuring add down jackets as the unquestionable protagonists, tells the story of the brand interpreted by young designer Francesco Musci through a playful metaphor of a travel in which dream-like scenarios merge with elegance and sophistication, core attributes of the add brand and its boutique.

The concept focuses on the evolution of the add down jacket, which, aside from its traditional role, can be worn in a fun and unique way.

The first window display concept: Excursion

The windows of the add flagship store on Corso Venezia depict a deconstructed fall Alpine landscape during blimp rides whose itinerary traces the transition from sunrise to sunset. At the base, the skyline includes square and rectangular backlit opalescent pastel layers, in front of which are placed eye-catching furnishing accessories such as modular prisms symbolizing mirror-like Alpine peaks. This ensemble allows absorbing the variable intensity of light shining on the Alps, from sunset to sunrise.

Nylon is the protagonist in the two dimensions of each window, at the base are scattered scrap resulting from nylon processing, in the season’s hues, crumpled as dried autumn leaves. The nylon-covered, sartorially prepared blimps, instead, feature the collection colors aimed at amplifying the concept of lightness that is so typical of down jackets, and hover around as if to transport the add jackets from one window to the other.

Comfort jacket with hood model MAM840Flared coat with high collar model MAWL24Long coat with high collar model MAW223Rain jacket model MAM329