November 17 / General

Hwo to machine-wash your down jacket: add reveals its secrets

A down jacket is daily pampering for any woman. Soft, comfortable, warm: it takes us through the whole winter, protecting us from the coldest days. When it is time to wash it, we want to give it the same protection and care. For this reason, add, the brand that made high-quality down jackets its trademark, shares its secrets to machine-wash your down jacket without fear: a few simple steps to take care of your favorite piece of clothing at home.

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November 14 / General

#addanicetrip, add down jackets protagonists of Milan storefronts

add presents #addanicetrip, the new storefront display project for the flagship store on Corso Venezia 12, in Milan. The project, featuring add down jackets as the unquestionable protagonists, tells the story of the brand interpreted by young designer Francesco Musci through a playful metaphor of a travel in which dream-like scenarios merge with elegance and sophistication, core attributes of the add brand and its boutique.

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