People in town | Viareggio

With the project “people in town Viareggio” we wanted to make the bond between add and our customers even stronger and more authentic. Similar to the focus of the “Add people in town” campaigns, the citizens of Viareggio – creative talents, stylish people and prophets of lightness – are shown engaged in their daily activities while they transform their passion into a job.

The “people in town Viareggio” initiative took place at the Massimo Rebecchi store, a retailer of our brand. During the day, fashion bloggers and add customers were invited to try on the garments of our last collection and have their picture taken by a photographer.

Those who accepted the challenge of becoming a model for the day got to keep their shot as a free souvenir. The initiative received great media coverage, thanks to the activity of the bloggers involved, and, as well as publicising our collections, served to reaffirm our business philosophy that focuses on the people who choose us, in their ability to live the contemporary world with courage, personality and style.