Add & CarrerBikes 2017

add flaghisp store presents a new exclusive collaboration with CarrerBikes.


Quality research, modern lines and tailored details still brings add and CarrerBikes together,during the last Fuorisalone 2017.


The iconic brand’s materials and the attention for the quality are the characteristic of add, recognizable in its unconventional and essential style.

Research and innovation join the attention to the style’s constructions: these are the key elements in this Spring Summer 2017 collections.

Using white and natural colors, add return to simplicity.

For this collaboration with CarrerBikes prêt-à-porter, add presents a sport-chic styles made in organza and duchesse, creating a contemporary and sophisticated collection.

CarrerBikes, the Italian bicycle manufacturer that combine craftsmanship and technology,  presents the new prêt-à-porter line with the bikes GARDA (for man) and DOLCE VITA (for woman), even in e-bike version. The wooden frame is always the project’s core, handmade by expert artisans, and it’s a unique piece in every bike, tailored and with a unique colouring and grain, rigorously built by hand and is safe because each wooden piece must undergo endurance tests comparable to those done by the best professional watchmakers.